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What is Migraine ?

Migraine is one of the types of headache disorder. It is characterized by headaches that are moderate to severe.
It usually affects one side of head and /or face. It can last from 2 hours to 3 days.

What causes it ?

It can be caused by wise array of things or situations. Food things like pickles,onion, caffeine (intake or withdrawal),cheese,soy sauce, beans ,Msg and so many other things .
Situations that migraine causes can precipitate an attack are many too. Stress, sunshine, loud noise, fatigue, weather changes, specific perfumes, staying hungry etc .

What are its symptoms?

The symptoms of Migraine are very peculiar. However, there may be an overlap with other type of disorders. The following list is capturing some of the commonly reported migraine symptoms
Throbbing pain on one side of head associated with trouble with light or sound or blurring of vision , sensitivity to flashing lights .
Some people get extreme pressure or throbbing behind eyes .Vomitting,stomach pain ,Diarrhea,neck pain,neck stiffness, tight band around head Mood swings,irritability , feeling hot and cold in cycles, and many more

What are my treatment options?

The treatment options for Migraine are aimed at helping to stop the symptoms and to prevent the future attacks.


There are different types of medicines that can be prescribed to treat Migraines. Broadly speaking your doctor will give you either an abortive
(pain relieving medicines to stop the headache) medicine or the preventive medicine if there are too many episodes of pain .
The earlier ones are to be taken only during a migraine attack whereas preventive are to be taken regularly often on a daily basis. The regular muscle pain medicines purchased from the chemists do little to relieve the migraine pain.

Lifestyle & Nonmedicines

Many alternative medicine therapies like Acupuncture,Biofeedback,Massage therapy,Cognitive Behavior therapy etc
may be useful for some patients of chronic migraine .

Lifestyle modifications are relevant for individuals once they identify there triggers and make work around them. Regular Exercises though do not bring significant reduction in the migraine headache attacks or duration but they do help reduce the intensity of the pain.

Is Migraine same as headaches?

No, Migraine is one of the types of headache Some headache patients suffer from different forms of headaches. Each type of headache has different symptoms and should be treated in different ways.
As There are many different forms of headache, these are often confused for one another. A common practice is to consider all the different types of headaches as migraine.
Please share your detailed history with your Dr as the migraine symptoms and treatments differ depending on the type of headache.
Sayali Shah presented to our center with headaches and after detailed evaluation was diagnosed with three types of headaches. Chronic Migraine , Hemicranial Continua and TMJ headaches . To provide complete cure the doctor had to/ Dr Sood treat all of them.
Here’s what she had to say after 4 months of migraine treatment.

Get Your Assesment Done

 Weeks   Months   Years 

 None known   Specific stress   Injury 
 Motor vehicle accident   Illness   Menarche (first period) 
 Pregnancy   Birth Control Pill   Hormone 

 Day   Week   Month 

 Gradually   Suddenly   Varies 

 Minutes   Hours   

 Mild   Moderate   Severe 

 Left side   Right side   May be either side 
 Both side   Other   Forehead 
 Behind eyes   Back of head    Neck 

 Pressure   Stabbing   Throbbing 
 Tight band   Dull ache   Burning 

 Foods   Too much caffeine   Hunger / Skipping meals 
 Alcohol   Wine   Fatigue 
 Too little sleep   Too much sleep   Loud sounds 
 After stress   Menstruation   Sexual activity 
 Coughing   Bright lights / Sun   Exercise 
 Weather changes   Certain odours   During stressful times 
 Prolonged computer work 

 MD   Neurologist   ENT Internist 
 Physical Therapist   Dentist   Other 

 CT scan   MRI   X-ray 
 Blood analysis   Other 

 Never able to work in pain   Can work most of the times   Can work some of the times 
 Can work but can't concentrate   No problem in my working 

Our Doctor

dr ruchika

Dr Ruchika Sood Board Certified Orofacial Pain Specialist
(American Board of Orofacial Pain),

B.D.S, M.D.S (USA)

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