Suffering from Neuropathy ?      We can help Today’s lifestyle and stress is the major reason for the majority of the ailments faced by the mankind, namely, Diabetes, Blood pressure, low back issues and so on which gradually damages the particular nerve in the body causing. 80% of the pain i...
Dr Ruchika Sood

About Us

We take deep interest in the patient’s condition and prepare the patient to accept the root cause or origin of pain. We work closely to build interest and confidence in the patient towards a common goal. Our treatment has two clear goals – pain relief and functional rehabilitation. We use...

Sleep Apnea

Everyone knows a good night’s sleep can make or break his or her day. What most people don’t know is that sleep apnea ignored for long period of time can lead to complications of severe nature like high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, irregular heartbeats, heart attacks, diabetes, depr...

Nerve Pain

Neuropathic pain is a group of conditions in which there has been damage to the nerves that transmit sensation. Traditionally, neuropathic facial pain begins following an injury to the face, teeth or gums which can be through tooth extraction, trauma, surgery or sometimes routine dental procedures.